What we do

By increasing accessibility to healthcare for the underprivileged communities of Lahore, we strive to make a positive impact in their lives.

Our focus

Medicare Health Foundation’s aim is to transform lives through modifying the healthcare system for the impoverished communities of Pakistan.  Registered as a nonprofit organization in Pakistan under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984, we aspire to establish a network of medical facilities across the country providing high quality treatment to the poor at affordable cost, through secondary care Hospitals and primary care Mother and Child Healthcare units (MCH).

With an emphasis on Mother and Child healthcare, we have defined our slogan as ‘ensuring safe birth’. We are working towards paving the way for Pakistan to address the pressing challenge of curbing maternal and infant mortality in its financially burdened populations. Having started out in the year 2005 on a small scale in Lahore with the establishment of our first medical facility, Medicare Health Foundation Hospital – Badami Bagh, we have since continued to expand our facilities and hope to spread into diverse areas of Pakistan.

our Medical facilities


The hospital offers high quality treatment at rates affordable by the poverty stricken population of the area. Those who are unable to pay are offered partially or completely free of cost care, depending on their financial ability.

Mother and child healthcare

This facility, aimed at reaching out further within the underprivileged community, is a two-bedded normal delivery centre established to displace unskilled birth practices and improve maternal health. Functioning under the close supervision of Medicare Health Foundation Hospital – Badami Bagh, this facility has one doctor supported by a small team of trained nurses, certified to conduct normal deliveries.

Community goodwill projects

Free Medical Camps

To ensure the good health of the community, we regularly organize free medical camps whereby specialist doctors examine patients and provide further guidance

Free Vaccinations

Through funding by APPNA Michigan Chapter, an organization based in the US, we have been carrying out free Hepatitis B Preventive Vaccination in Badami Bagh

Nutritional Programs

This program would help these women avoid birth complications, and have healthy babies. Now, we regularly run our ‘Mother Nutricare Program’ at Medicare Health Foundation Hospital Badami Bagh, in which we provide many of our antenatal patients with eggs, milk and essential vitamin supplements two times every week, till they give birth.