Our main facilities

Award winning team of professional architests, customizing in home & garden design. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

Gyne and Obstetrics

Senior gynecologists take care of each patient’s medical needs. Our 24 hours services include normal deliveries, C-Sections and other gynecological procedure in a sterile environment.


Infant and Child Health is at the heart of our practice, specialized pediatric care is provided around the clock to endure the well-being of children.

FQ Labs

A project of Medicare Health Foundation, these labs are fully equipped and staffed to offer accurate medical tests at affordable charges at each of our medical facilities.

This service is available for everyone and every day except Sundays

available every day for injuries like cuts, wounds, infusions, ECG, shock, hypertension, hypotension, CTG, nebulization, blood transfusion and dehydration etc under supervision of a medical doctor

Available every day. Patients are examined, advised and treated by Gynecologists, and House Doctors

Conducted for Caesarian Sections and other gynecological procedures by specialized gynecologists

Accordion Contea well-equipped pre & post Labour Room is available round the clock, with Resuscitation facility for the new born in the Baby Intensive Care Unitnt

It is provided to infants, children, adults, and pregnant women free of charge, against preventable diseases

The clinic is open every day in the afternoon for treatment by a Dental Surgeon

Provided by a Specialist

Provided by a specialist

Available all day for the tests prescribed by the Consultants. The reports are completed and provided on the same day

Available all day by a well trained X-Ray technicians

Available all day for all antenatal patients