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Medicare Health Foundation is a not for profit organization that has provided quality healthcare to lower and middle-income groups Since 2004.

The Medicare Health Foundation prioritizes maternal and child health, offering essential services like prenatal care, dentistry, and general medicine in their outpatient clinics. They also provide critical in-patient care through birthing services and neonatal nurseries. Their mission is to ensure access to quality healthcare, especially for underprivileged communities.

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The Medicare Health Foundation, located in Pakistan, provides free medical camps with specialist consultations, diagnostics, and medications for the underprivileged. They also run Mother and Child Healthcare Centers offering essential prenatal care and immunizations at no cost. Their mission is to improve access to healthcare and empower communities through preventive measures.

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We provide free and subsidized services to targeted communities. At our facilities paying and non-paying patients are treated equally without any discrimination.


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The Medicare Health Foundation provides vital healthcare services, including prenatal care, pediatrics, and general medicine. Their clinics offer in-patient and out-patient care, with a focus on maternal and child health.

Mother and Child Care at MHF

The Medicare Health Foundation prioritizes mothers and children in their healthcare mission. Their services include antenatal care for expecting mothers, skilled delivery options at their Mother and Child Healthcare Centres, and essential vitamin supplements for mothers in need. They even run a program providing general pediatrics to ensure the well-being of children in the community.

Our Approach

MHF targets reduceing mother mortality rate and Infant mortality rate in Pakistan

We at Medicare believe that doing charity is much bigger than the mere act of donating money or time for a noble cause. It is a feeling, a feeling of compassion, empathy, humility, accomplishment, and love for other humans.

Mrs. Rehana Maroof Baray