Our Seravices

General OPD

Our general OPD (Outdoor Patient Department) provides diagnosis and treatment to patients involving general consultation, for any presenting ailment.

Gynae & Obstetrics

We have experienced female obstetricians/gynecologists to offer focused care to pregnant women and those facing gynecological issues.


We provide specialist medical care to infants, children, and adolescents facing any health related issue, including growth monitoring.

Dental Services

Our Dental department offers a variety of dental services such as root canal treatment, crowns/veneers, dental fillings, extractions & implants.


We offer advanced consultancy for bones and muscles, and carry out minor/complex orthopedic surgeries.

General Surgeries

We have experienced surgeons, who, along with their team of anesthetists, perform both conventional and laparoscopic surgeries.

FQ Labs

We offer a range of lab tests, following stringent standards and ensuring accuracy in our results.


Our ultrasound services include both pelvic and abdominal scan, and we cater to both females and males.