Our Hospitals

Medicare Hospital Badami Bagh

This was our very first hospital, established in the year 2004, in the poverty stricken community of Badami Bagh, Lahore. The groundwork was laid in the year 2000, when Medicare Trust (now Medicare Health Foundation) was finalized on paper as a non-profit focusing on healthcare for the poor, particularly in mother and child health. When we started out in 2004, initially we were a small-scale outpatient facility, which quickly expanded to start in-patient procedures such as normal deliveries and C-Sections. Over the years, we greatly improved our standards and service menu, and now offer a range of medical and diagnostic services. This hospital treats a daily average of 300-350 patients, most of whom are from lower-middle and low income groups. The patients are treated with dignity and are offered loving care by our trained and experienced staff, following established medical protocols.

Noor Medicare Hospital

In 2015, Mr. Gulzar ul Haq, a philanthropist, approached Medicare Health Foundation, with the thinking of exploring us for taking over his already established dispensary on Ferozpur Road. This two-storied building was being used for a limited number of hours every day. Medicare agreed to take it over, and the papers were formally handed over to us in 2016. At the end of the year, renovation work started and carried on rapidly after the support of Justice Nasira Iqbal came through. In April 2018, Noor Medicare Hospital was inaugurated by Medicare Health Foundation. In September the same year, the first baby was born there. Since then, we have greatly expanded the scope of services and now we offer general surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries and orthopedic surgeries, other than general and specialist OPD.

MCH (Mother and Child Health Centre)

In the year 2015, Medicare was awarded a grant by Netherlands Embassy in Islamabad, for the establishment of a Mother and Child Healthcare centre. The idea behind this was to expand our scale and reach more poor women and children, while keeping our costs low. Thus in the year 2015, our first MCH opened its doors to the lower-middle income neighbourhood of Shadbagh and the connected low income areas. As a two-bedded MCH, we conduct normal deliveries, monitor the growth of children and provide essential vaccination. General check-ups are also conducted for the incoming patient body.